SPERA is the application of a series of electrical pulses/signals of defined amplitude and duration for the treatment (detoxification) of addictive states, the control of chronic refractory pain, and the relief of traumatic stress.

It has been demonstrated that highly precise pulse frequencies – dictated by the individual chemical of addiction – combined with specific and bespoke SPERA techniques and electro-biological polarity results in consistently predictable and highly beneficial clinical results.

Each of the major drug (molecule) groups requires characteristic frequencies for optimum detoxification. This has important clinical and scientific implications given the increasing prevalence of poly-substance abuse.

SPERA stimulates the body’s own cells to produce their natural neuro-chemical substances which had been suppressed by drug dependency. The results are amazing

  • The neutralisation of withdrawal symptoms
  • The reduction and elimination of cravings
  • The restoration of a balanced physical metabolism

SPERA enables the human body to produce its own chemical substances (neuropeptides, enkephalins, endorphins, dopamine, serotonin) by an electro-chemical process (neuro-receptors & neuro-transmitters), a process that has been demonstrated and validated in laboratories for over 40 years using SPERA-like stimulation.

These neuro-electrically stimulated chemicals affect pain-control; emotional well-being and motivation; and numerous aspects of human health including immunity to disease.