“Only public and governmental lethargy and blind exploitation of pain and misery stand in the way of this approach – as spiritual as it is psychological, as rational as it is compassionate. As with the greatest advances in knowledge, this overwhelming advance can reverse the lamentable trend of our civilization, by a process of healing, of health and of hope.” – Lord Yehudi Menuhin

Purpose: Our aim is to demonstrate the capacity of a ground-breaking British detoxification technology SPERA which addresses the root-causes of drug abuse alongside community justice activities. This can be achieved if addicted offenders are offered an effective one month treatment alternative to incarceration as compared to long-term interventions such as substitution maintenance. SPERA detoxification, a non-invasive British scientific break-through has been shown to have highest retention, greatest cost-effectiveness, and lowest recidivism levels for all drug groups treated. Compared to incarceration or expensive long-term agonist or antagonist ‘treatments’ (Methadone, Suboxone, Naltrexone etc) the therapeutic outcomes of this non-invasive SPERA therapy are beneficial to the physical, relational and behavioural recovery of addicts and their families. Economically, politically and socially application of this British technology can provide the scale and scope of treatments necessary to give Police, Medical, and Social Services a comprehensive and affordable strategy for drug demand reduction.