Dr Graham Giles MBE

Dr Graham Giles – Thirty Years in Romania and Central Eastern Europe

Dr. Graham Giles MBE, Founder and Director of ‘Europe to Europe’, has devoted 30 years to promoting human rights and social development in Central Eastern Europe. Before the collapse of totalitarian regimes he supported and trained young leaders and ‘prisoners of conscience’behind the ‘iron curtain’. Since then Dr. Giles sustained long-term projects in health, education and justice reform through NGO, governmental and international initiatives. His Criminology work in Central Eastern Europe attracted funding from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office(FCO), Oversea Development Administration (ODA), Know How Fund, and the Department for International Development (DFID). This primarily involved launching the first national Probation service in post-communist Europe, Master Degree courses on Community Justice Administration, Drug and Alcohol detoxification and the prevention of human-trafficking.

Dr. Giles completed consultancy projects for The World Bank in Romania and Bulgaria and for the United Nations in Ukraine and Armenia. He produced Global Juvenile Justice Surveys for transitional democracies and published training materials and books for policy makers. His Charities Europe to Europe (UK) and Europa pentru Europa (based in Arad, Romania) provide services including residential care for homeless youth, mentoring to disadvantaged high-achievers, consultancy on child protection and disability rights. Recently, this British-Romanian charity partnership initiated a diagnostic telemedicine network with the installation of Radiology suites from Britain into rural and urban Romanian hospitals. With recent advances in digital imaging and telecoms it is hoped to extend this to family doctors and the national penitentiary system.